Founded in 1933, The Union of Sitia numbers 41 cooperatives of first degree and 7.576 farmer members today, almost all the agricultural families in the Sitia province.

Its general activities include, retail supply of agricultural equipment, technical advice to all members, etc. Although more specific, our action focuses in the sectors of olive oil and wine.
Regarding the olive oil, The Union gathers the area's production and channels it as a standardized product, in Greece and abroad. Its quality is excellent and this is proved by plethora of discriminations.
In the wine sector, the Union has also shown very important progress. Thanks to the modern wine factory, we manage to produce successfully high quality VQPRD wine from grapes that come from our mountain ecosystem.

We also produce high quality traditional tsikoudia (traditional Cretan spirit).  In the basement of the wine factory apart from the wine cellars there is a hall where the visitor can taste our products, a hall of meetings and presentations and a retail shop.

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